Seafood 2018 Xmas

Have you heard?

The Seafood is in for the Holidays.

Live Steamer Clams and Fresh Oysters Special


  • Live Steamer Clam Soup

  • Live Steamer Clam Pho Soup

  • Live Sauteed Black Bean Steamer Clams

  • Live Spicy Steamer Clams

  • Fresh Oysters with Asian Fusion Cocktail Sauce

We ordered a couple hundred pounds of LIVE steamer clams and oysters, come help us eat this exquisite food!

Hana Bistro
5033 France ave south
Minneapolis.MN 55410

Make your reservation today! Call (612)315-3992

We are open 11-10pm on Xmas Eve, Xmas Day, NYE, and NY day!!